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Aankh Micholi: Latest Spoiler! An undercover agent- unmasking secrets, love and action


Aankh Micholi: Latest Spoiler! An undercover agent-unmasking secrets, love and action

Aankh Micholi is the story of Rukmani being bound by family to settle down and get married, this new show will be a twisted tale of Saas and Bahu.

Aankh Micholi revolves around the captivating character of Rukmani, a fierce and determined lady cop played by the talented Khushi Dubey.

Rukmani leads a double life, juggling her responsibilities as a protector of the law with a hidden identity fuelled by a larger mission.

Rukmani aspires to be a reputed official, but an unforeseen set of events takes place, leaving her dream shattered, only to reveal later that it was a path for her to achieve her aspirations of becoming an IPS officer.

We will see Rukmani effortlessly taking down goons, showcasing her combat skills and unwavering resolve.

But amidst the action, a hint of vulnerability peeks through as she seems bound by family obligations, forced to make choices that may compromise her true calling.

The family angle adds a unique dimension, promising to explore the emotional turmoil faced by Rukmani as she juggles her personal and professional lives

It will be interesting to witness Rukmani's journey and how she achieves her goals, or will marriage cut her wings from becoming an IPS officer?

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