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Bhagya Laxmi: Tailored with hatred Malishka brings the confidence back from Neelam Karishma


Bhagya Laxmi: Malishka manipulates Neelam and Karishma to bring the footage as Rishi’s wife

In the recent episodes of Zee Tv most famous and beloved serial Bhagya Laxmi fans can see the real drama with all hyped up tales aligned for the viewers.

As of the recent episodes the story is revolving around, Malishka and Laxmi’s fight to win Rishi over.

So far, Rishi has realised that he wants Laxmi as his life partner as he married her and soon the disaster happens for the duo.

As it turns out Malishka can’t tolerate that Rishi has chosen Laxmi over her love for Rishi.

This makes her the criminal to push Rishi and Laxmi down the cliff of the mountain.

Following this Neelam welcomes Laxmi where Karishma stands behind her decision.

Neelam and Karishma choose Malishka again

As after this Neelam finds that Laxmi has gone insane now it seems Malishka has the perfect timing to win back Neelam’s confidence along with Karishma.

Will Neelam start supporting Malishka like her daughter- in- law as she has named her before??

What will Neelam Karishma and Malishka’s team do now after Rishi chooses Laxmi and leaves??

Stay tuned and keep watching Bhagya Laxmi along with latest gossips Wu for more updates with the upcoming episodes.


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