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YRKKH 19th Nov 2023 written updates Armaan marries Abhira still continues looking for Roohi


YRKKH: Armaan and Abhira get married while real feelings connect Roohi to the married couple


The Star Plus most beloved storyline of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is making headlines for drama.

The story has never failed to impress the audience and now the fourth generation have arrived.

As the story keeps going, Armaan Roohi and Abhira are connected by the single thread of love.

So far, Armaan meets Roohi during the vacations while he falls for her and confesses his feelings.

Now as Abhira is struggling with the situation of Yuvraj, Armaan hears the news of Rohit’s wedding.

Thereof Armaan sees the pictures of Roohi as Rohit’s wife to be and learns that he loves Roohi.

At the same time, the promo shows Abhira as Armaan’s wife and Roohi as Rohit’s wife.

Armaan brings ABhira while loves Roohi

It seems fate has interchanged the lucks of two brothers, Rohit and Armaan while Abbira comes.

As Abhira and Roohi has no idea about their past, it seems Armaan continues loving Roohi after all.

It would be highly interesting and engaging to see what really happens next in the upcoming episodes.

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