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YRKKH: Exact replica of Dil Hai Tumhaara Movie Scenes!! Armaan wants Roohi to choose Rohit

YRKKH: Armaan hears the love tales of Rohit after meeting Roohi repeating the movie replicas


In the latest episodes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai the fans can see an interesting change of events.

With the meeting that Armaan and Roohi had in Mussoorie, love is flying in the air for the duo.

Following the same Roohi has left her number for Armaan that Rohit has kept while Roohi awaits.

Meanwhile Roohi has no idea about all the troubles that keep lingering around Armaan back home.

There Roohi grows angry as she wants to hear Armaan confess his feelings while she meets Rohit.

After the meet up Rohit is amazed by Roohi and he has committed love for Roohi in spite the truth.

Rohit falls for Roohi

As Rohit has no idea about Roohi and Armaan’s love he wants to marry Roohi as he talks to Armaan.

Hearing this Armaan is ready to sacrifice his love asking Roohi to choose Roohi like Dil Hai Tumhara movie sequence.

It would be highly engaging to see what happens next in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Stay tuned and keep watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai along with latest gossips Wu for more.

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