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Anupama 17th Nov 2023 written updates Dimple triggers the blood pressure for restless Baa


Anupama: Baa faints with high blood pressure and critical health mishaps over Dimple’s words

The Star Plus infamous serial Anupama is going through many triggers and challenges as of now.

It looks Dimple is making a way for her own life as she has her baby coming while Samar is gone.

Following this, Tapish comes into the frame where Baa has sensed the future of Dimple and Tapish.

Seeing that Dimple is working at the dance academy where Tapish is around, she gets concerned.

As per Baa, Dimple can never start building another life for her rather than the baby and Shahs.

There Anupama stands with Dimple as she wants Dimple to find someone who loves her for life.

Dimple's truth makes Baa shoot BP

As the fight grows Baa’s inconvenient words make Dimple say the reality of broken Shah family.

Hearing the truth Baa faints and soon Anupama stays around for Baa while the news is worrisome.

As the doctors say Baa is critical while now Paritosh and Kinjal are leaving Baa alone for UK trip.

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