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Anupama: Kinjal emotional breakdown starts Rakhi Dawe accuses Shahs to pay huge amount


Anupama: Rakhi Dawe faces huge losses as Kinjal backouts from chasing dreams to foreign

In the latest episodes of Anupama, the Shahs will celebrate the Diwali like real family with unity.

The infamous Star Plus serial has bonded the hearts of every entertainment lover with family values.

As of now the story is showing the Diwali celebrations while nothing is same for the Shah house.

After losing Samar to death now its time for Baa Bapuji and Vanraj to say goodbye to Paritosh.

Thereof Kinjal and Pari are shifting to UK as well for expanding the business of Rakhi Dawe.

There Kinjal is seen backing out as she can’t leave her family behind for chasing the dreams of life.

As Paritosh convinces Kinjal to leave anyhow after the preparations are done Kinjal is not convinced.

Rakhi Dawe comes to heal the loss of money

It seems now Rakhi Dawe won’t let the Shahs breathe the moment of peace for the business troubles.

Thereof Rakhi will ask the Shahs to pay the entire amount of loss that has come for Kinjal’s backout.

This will add noise to the drama and it would highly engaging to see what really happens to UK dreams of Kinjal and Paritosh.

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