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Anupama: Hopeful Malti Devi outburst on Diwali Anuj points the finger on Anupama Dimple


Anupama: Dimple’s presence around Kapadia house Anuj raises voice on Anupama’s choice

The Star Plus serial Anupama has a fame that the fans crave and the episodes are true noise.

As the story is revolving around Diwali celebrations, Anupama will face the lights in her life now.

So far, Anupama has started to see the selfishness side of Malti Devi as a mother towards Anuj.

Therein Anupama handles both Shahs and Kapadia house that irks Malti Devi and Diwali show it.

As of now, Anupama has welcomed Dimple back in Kapadia house for few days as she is pregnant.

There Malti Devi takes care of Choti while she shows Choti that Anupama cares for Dimple more.

As on Diwali Choti slips to fall on cracker where Dimple gets pushed and Anupama holds Dimple.

Malti Devi shows Anupama's care for Dimple

Thereof Choti falls on Malti Devi and Choti ends talking to Anupama any further as Anuj witnesses.

It seems Anuj is concerned for Choti as he sees Anupama is devoted to Dimple more that Choti.

It will bring the major outburst and could be highly interesting to see what happens next.

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates.


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