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Anupama 11th Nov 2023 written updates Anupama puts forth condition for Pakhi’s actions


Anupama: Anupama makes clear statement for Pakhi to continue residing with the Kapadias

The Star Plus serial Anupama is making headlines for the stellar drama and high heat voltage.

The viewers are truly engaged to the charm of the show as now Anupama and Pakhi are at war.

As of now, Pakhi finds out that she can never become a mother where she starts crying about it.

Following this, Pakhi turns restless to shop and she spends Anuj’s money with any second thought.

Seeing this, Anupama reacts as she wants Pakhi to start working without crying over motherhood.

Soon, Anupama enters Pakhi’s room where she asks for the credit card that Anuj has given her.

As Pakhi refuses Anupama manages to find the card and she cuts it into pieces in front of Pakhi.

Anupama shows the options for Pakhi

Soon, Anupama mentions that Pakhi should start working rather than sitting and crying all day.

Moreover, Anupama clears that Pakhi can’t stay like ideal person as she has so many things to do.

It seems Anupama and Pakhi are at war and Pakhi sees Anupama being the selfish mother.

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