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Anupama: Diwali Celebrations brings crackers of Malti Devi leaves Anuj Anupama burnout

Anupama: Malti Devi brings the crackers for blast on Anuj and Anupama over Diwali lights


In the latest episodes of Anupama, the fans can really wish for blast on the sets of Anupama.

The story has left no stone unturned as it revolves around Anupama’s fight with Malti Devi.

Malti Devi has been the teacher whom Anupama followed and she has entered as Anuj’s mother.

Following this, Anuj hates Malti Devi while Anupama tries to sweeten their relation of mother son.

Somehow, Malti Devi sees Anupama as the pebble on her road to win Anuj’s as her son.

This makes her to create troubles for Anuj and Anupama in order to get Anuj’s undivided attention.

As Diwali is coming around Anuj and Anupama are all set with the plans for celebrations.

Malti Devi wins the trust of Anuj

Thereof Malti Devi wants to play her final game to win Anuj’s trust and letdown Anupama.

It seems Malti Devi will blast the crackers for Kapadia house this Diwali with Anuj and Anupama rift.

What Malti Devi has in mind to do for getting her son Anuj back and let Anupama sidelined??

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