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Bhagya Laxmi19th October2023 written update Kiran Sonal enchanted Malishka’s planning


Bhagya Laxmi written update October 19th 2023, Kiran arrives to hinder the pathways of wrongs acts executed by Malishka

The Zee Tv serial Bhagya Laxmi is on peak of severe high heat melo drama with the latest episodes.

As of the current revolving of story Rishi and Laxmi are trapped by the plotting of Malishka.

In the latest episodes, Malishka is done with crying and begging for Rishi to marry her.

As it turns out Rishi has feelings for Laxmi and the duo has tied the knot excluding Malishka.

There Rishi wants Malishka to see a future that awaits her which makes Malishka furious to act.

As of now, Malishka has taken the keys of a truck where she chases Rishi and Laxmi’s car.

Now Rishi and Laxmi are on their way to celebrate their honeymoon where Malishka enters.

As per Malishka she won’t let anyone take Rishi if Rishi has left her alone in the middle.

Kiran to stop Rishi and Laxmi

Thereof Kiran hears the news from Sonal on what Malishka has made plan of doing for Rishi.

As Kiran and Sonal arrive to stop Rishi and Laxmi from leaving Malishka threatens Kiran.

It seems Kiran has failed to protect Malishka from killing Rishi and Laxmi with committing crime.

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