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Published By: LGW Desk on September 27, 2023 12:13 PM (IST) | Publication:

Anupama: Guilt Driven Malti Devi takes drastic step of Suicide for Anuj Anupama


Anupama: Anuj and Anupama unaware of upcoming suicide track by Malti Devi

The upcoming track of Star Plus most watched serial Anupama will linger around mother son relation of Anuj and Malti Devi.

In the twists and turns that is already going on viewers can witness Anuj’s anger towards Malti Devi as he finds out she is his mother.

Now, Malti Devi is staying with Shah family where Leela keeps on blaming Malti Devi’s motherhood.

Soon, the entire Shah family leave to attend Ganesh Pooja Celebrations at Kapadia House where Malti Devi is left alone.

There Malti Devi recalls her past and all the harsh words that Leela has mentioned.

Malti Devi decides to leave Anuj and Anupama alone as she has caused a lot of trouble for the duo already.

Malti Devi's suicide plan

It seems Malti Devi has suicide plans as she feels she has no right to survive after what she has done.

Will Malti Devi commit the wrong action of Suicide to step aside from the lives of Anuj and Anupama??

How will Anupama bring peace between mother and son Anuj and Malti Devi with the suicide plot coming up??

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