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Barsaatein: Reyansh melts Aradhana's Heart Love Story Begins after Redemption

Barsaatein: Reyansh melts Aradhana's Heart Love Story Begins after Redemption 


Sony TV's Popular hit show Barsaatein is all set to keep their Audience hooked to their Television Screens with it's High Voltage Drama. The Drama is going to witness many Interesting Turns.

Recently We have seen that Reyansh asks Aradhana to drink with him to which she denies and tells him that she doesn't want to. 

However Reyansh Provokes her and tricks her into Drinking to which she drinks it Continuously while he Stops her. 

Aradhana gets Impressed

The Story Takes an Interesting turn when Reyansh tells her that she is not used to Alcohol and asks her not to drink soo much. 

Aradhana tells him not to tell her what to do and continues with whatever she was doing that makes him Angry. 

In The Upcoming Episodes We Will Get to See that Reyansh melts Aradhana's Heart with his Antics while the Love Story Begins after Redemption.

What will Happen Next?

What the Show has in Store for us?

Let's See what Happens in the Upcoming Episodes. 

Stay Tuned to for the Latest and Exciting Updates of your Favourite Shows.

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