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Rabb se Hain Dua: OMG! Haider goes to jail, Ghazal’s plan backfires

Rabb se Hain Dua: OMG! Haider goes to jail, Ghazal’s plan backfires  


In the recent episodes of Rabb se Hain Dua we have seen new drama going on in the lives of Haider and Dua with the shocking twists and turns in each episode.

We have seen in the previous episodes that how Ghazal prompted Heena to kill Dua but Dua got saved.

Whole Akhtar family has landed into a new trouble initiated by Ghazal where police has arrived to arrest Heena.

Haider will be seen requesting Dua to take back her complaint to which Dua will refuse without thinking about the consequences.

Haider will give instant triple talaq to Dua which will shock the Akhtar Manzil as well as Dua.

But Dua has some different plans as she has done all this drama to save Haider from Ruhaan.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Dua getting Haider arrested for giving her triple talaq which is crime.

It will be interesting to see if ever Haider will understand Dua or not.

Ghazal’s plan backfires

In the previous episodes we have seen how Ghazal has planned all the drama to get Dua thrown out of house by Haider.

Ghazal was behind instigating Heena to attack Dua and also behind filing a police complaint to frame Dua.

Although Ghazal has planned well but all her plan got backfire after Haider being arrested instead of Heena.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Ghazal being trapped in her own plan.

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