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Published By: LGW Desk on July 25, 2023 11:18 AM (IST) | Publication:

Anupama: GuruMaa Attack On Anupama's Motherhood To Be Answered Humbly This Way


Anupama: GuruMaa and Dimpie To Put Anupama in Tough Spot 

Samar upbringing is at a doubtable stage in the recent showcasings of serial Anupama featured on the Star Plus channel. 

In the upcoming story we are about to see Dimpie and GuruMaa planning and Plotting some really tightened drama in the Baby Shower event of Kavya. 

GuruMaa is seeking her revenge from Anupama and wants to ruin her life and she has taken help of Dimpie for the same, who is nothing short of a snake herself. 

GuruMaa has made such conditions that Samar who is now blacklisted everywhere will have to become her slave betraying her mother. 

Anupama Answer Backs GuruMaa 

Some serious drama is about to be caused after GuruMaa will attack Anupama's weak point her Motherhood and will get answered back in her own language. 

Soon in the upcoming story we are about to see some really spicy drama cooking in in the Gurukal academy because of Anupama and GuruMaa clash. 

Now we will see a strong side of Anupama as a mother coming out to fight the evil GuruMaa for her son Samar. 

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