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Anupama: Samar and Dimpi to Split, Dimpi's Alimony Demands Make Samar See Stars in the Daylight

Anupama: Dimpi (Nishi Saxena) Dragon to Destroy Samar's Life With Her Press Statement

Star Plus chartbuster show Anupama has maintained its number 1 position in the TRP charts since it aired on television.

In the upcoming episode we will see Dimpi giving divorce papers to Samar as their Dance Institute gets closed post Dimpi's press statement.

Malti Devi could not accept Dimple's statement in press regarding Anupama's cancellation to US journey.

Malti Devi decides to sue Samar and Dimpi and close their dance Academy from court, leading Samar to lose his means of living.

Dimple sees that she has no profit staying with Samar anymore, so she decides to split with Samar instead of staying by his side.

Anupama Decides to Show Mirror to Dimple

Amid Dimple's misbehaviour and selfishness, destroying Samar's life Anupama gives Dimpi a taste of her own medicine.

Anupama tells Dimple that she will not tolerate this ehsaan faramosh behaviour of hers anymore.

Anupama says that she used to forgive Dimple till now because Samar wanted a life with her and Samar's happiness means everything to Anupama.

Now that Samar is in pain because of Dimpi, Anupama will no longer allow Dimpi in Kapadia House post her divorce.

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