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Yeh Hai Chahetein: KEY MOMENT! Unfolding Drama With Discovery of Arjun DADA JI

Yeh Hai Chahetein: Nitya Biggest Secret Busted 


Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Chahetein is geared up toward some key drama taking the breath away of its loyal viewers. 

In the latest episode Nitya slapped Bua Ji and called the police to take her away. 

Bua ji was mean towards Kashvi from beginning. 

Maybe she is getting her Karma Back. 

But Kashvi parents' murderers is still roaming free. 

As we know Nitya is behind this henious crime and has very cunningly blamed it all on Bua Ji. 

As everyone would believe this as Bua Ji's has never been soft to Kasshvi. 

Arjun Disbelief on Kaashvi 

In the upcoming story we will see Kashvi discovering all the evil deeds Nitya has commited till now. 

Though she will not have any proof. 

Her strong suspicion on Nitya has finally been proved right. 

But it will be interesting to see whether she'll be able to convince Arjun that Nitya is behind Nayantara and Samrat. 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story of serial Yeh Hai Chahetein. 

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