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GHKKPM: Sai Virat Satya dies in flight hijack drama

GHKKPM: Sai Virat Satya dies in flight hijack drama

GHKKPM’s ongoing track has intensified in the drama and emotions.

We will see how Satya will sacrifice his life saving Savi and Vinu. Sai will be killed saving life of fellow passenger. Virat will fight and kill Bheema and his gang members.

In the process of freeing hijacked plane Virat will also sacrifice his life.

Bhavani and Ashwini will be shattered seeing their children die in front of their eyes. They will feel helpless and in the state of shock.

Poor Vinu and Savi will be traumatised seeing all the bloodshed and will be in shocked state.

Chavan’s will face the biggest wrath of time as their beloved son is no more. Satya’s family will be shattered after hearing about his and Sai’s death.

Vinu and Savi in trauma hospitalized

Vinu and Savi will be in the state of trauma after seeing all the bloodshed in flight.

As kids it was highly disturbing for them to overcome the shock of all fights and shooting in the flight.

They will faint and hence will not know about Sai, Virat and Satya’s death.

In the upcoming episodes of GHKKPM story is going to be full of emotional drama.

Stay tuned for more such updates.

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