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GHKKPM: Savi-Vinu witness parent’s death, Chavan’s saved by Satya

GHKKPM: Savi-Vinu witness parent’s death, Chavan’s saved by Satya


GHKKPM’s current track is full of twists and turns. We will see the series of sacrifices being made by Satya, Sai and Virat. Bheema Purohit will hijack the flight Virat’s family is travelling in.

Virat will try to save them but Bheema will identify Virat’s kids Savi and Vinu.

Bheema will try to torture them but Sai and Satya will fight back.

Sai will try to protect not only Savi and Vinu but also Ashwini and Bhavani Kaku.

Virat will feel helpless not only as a police officer but also as a father and son. He will be seen in guilt for not being able to do anything to save flight’s passenger.

Satya fights and dies as a real hero

We will see how Sai and Virat have been trying to save passengers from Bheema and his gang. But it is Satya who will emerge as a Hero and will rescue passengers.

Satya will not only give a tough fight to Bheema but will also save the lives of Chavan’s and others.

He will die in the process of saving Bhavani Kaku from Beema’s wrath.

In the upcoming episodes of GHKKPM emotional drama is going to intensified and we will see lot of dynamics changing.

Stay tuned for more such updates.

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