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GHKKPM: Savi-Vinu separated, Satya portrayed as villian

GHKKPM: Savi-Vinu separated, Satya portrayed as villian

GHKKPM is going through new twists and turns in every episode.

Upcoming episodes will also keep you tied to your places.

We will see how Savi and Vinu will be divided between Chavan’s and Adhikari’s. Poor kids after the demise of their parents will be separated by Bhavani who will not accept Savi in her family.

Amba will take Savi’s responsibility and will challenge Bhavani that she will make her successful and good person.

Bhavani thinks Savi will bring bad luck to Chavan’s. Vinu will be taken care by Ashwini and Chavan’s.

Bhavani will influence Vinu against Savi and Satya. She will make him believe that Savi and Satya are responsible for Sai-Virat death.

Satya to be potrayed as selfish and murderer

Upcoming episodes will show how Bhavani and Omi will make Vinu believe that Satya is responsible for his parent’s death.

Bhavani will try to control Vinu’s mind and life. She will also give him a negative portrayal of her little sister Savi. She is going to make sure that Vinu doesn’t leave them as he is the only ‘Waaris’ but her hatred towards Sai will be transferred to Savi.

It will be interesting to see how events will turn in Savi and Vinu’s life?

Whether they will be ever reunited?

Stay tuned for all the answers.

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