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Anupama: Anuj Phone Has Voice Tracker ! Maya Celebrates THE SEPARATION

Anupama: Maya Listens to Anupama AKHARI FAISALA 


In the recent episode of Anupama serial some Shocking event overhauled the plot where Anuj made his mind to not keep Anupama in dark anymore as the questions in her makes him even more guilty. 

In the latest episode we got to see Anuj finally telling the truth to Anupama by making excuse of going to Kapadia office with Ankush. 

Anuj makes Anupama hear the tragedy behind his decision of ditching Anupama when she needed him the most. 

But now when he has returned holding hands of their mutual enemy Maya, Anupama's priorties have also chnaged. 

In the latest promo Anupama firmly choose her international career with Guru Maa over Anuj. 

Anuj accepts the doom 

In the upcoming story we will see Anupama and Anuj finally will separate and Maya will celebrate this news. 

Maya has installed voice and location tracker in Anuj's phone to keep a eye on him. 

She can't afford to lose Anuj to Anupama and thus is playing all the dirty tricks possible. 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming story. 

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