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YRKKH: Home Stay With Sharma Family Opens Abhimanyu Eyes!


YRKKH: Abhimnayu Stay With the Sharmas 


In Star Plus Ranjan Shahi produced show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai some undeniably interesting twists and turns are happening. 

In the latest showcasing Abhir learns his biggest dark truth. 

But before that Abhimanyu settles for a short stay with Sharma's in their Kasauli house on Abhir's Insistence. 

Priortizing Abhir happiness Akshara will also permit Abhimanyu for the stay and seeing the small happy family of Sharmas Abhimanyu will rethink the consequences of separting Abhir from them. 

Will this realisation will make Abhimanyu step back from pursuing the case?

Will this Kasuali stay will make Akshara and Abhimanyu, come closer?

Abhinav and Abhir relation is about to bear the burns of this truth

Abhir closeness with Doc-man will become thorn-pick in his eyes. 

Abhinav is about to hate Abhimnayu misunderatndings his as rhe traitor for instigating his son against him and Akshara will also Reciprocate the same hate. 

How Abhimanyu will be released guilt-free?

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