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YRKKH: CUTE! Abhinav And Akshu Sleeps Holding Hands

YRKKH: Akshara ask for her best friends Abhinav support.


In the recent story telling of quite popular and one of the longest running Star Plus daily so Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

In the recent storytelling we got to see Abhinav injured himself while he tried to impress Abhir he runs with his son on his shoulder Akshara is worried about Abhinav and denies to let him work anymore. 

To divert his mind from the race he has pushed himself into she demands for his support while she chooses to handle dynamics of relations in Goenka house amidst all the problems between Muskan, Neelam Maa and Kairav. 

In the latest episode Akshara is studying next to Abhinav who is about to sleep. 

Abhinav asks for Akshu's hand while he tries to sleep. 

Akshara smilingly and willingly gives him her hand to hold.

Is this sign of changing dynamics between Abhinav and Akshara.

Abhir's breathlessness post locking himself in Birla mansion 

Parallel to this cute romance between Abhinav and Akshara Abhir is in the Birla house as usual for his playtime with Abhimanyu and while they play Hide and seek Abhir locks himself into cupboard with no air in it

This closed trapped situation made him feel restless and when for a while Abhimanyu couldn't find him he gets anxious as well.  

What drama will be led between Abhir's biological father and claimed parents will be too dramatic and interesting to watch.

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