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YRKKH: Shefali Reveals Black Hearted CONCOCTION OF HATRED Aarohi Gave Abhir!


YRKKH: Aarohi Bags Opportunity to Give Abhir a reality check. 

In serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Aarohi's patience is getting tested at several instances of partiality between Ruhi and Abhir. 

In the latest episode we have seen Manjari discussing constructing a wheels room next to abhimanyu and Ruhi gets disappointed with helplessness of sharing her poppy with Abhir.

In the previous episode we have seen Abhir requesting his Masi, Arohi to convince Ruhi to play with him and not misinterpret his and Doc-man's connection as he can never snatch her poppy from her. 

In the recent drama we got to see Aarohi misleading Abhir and requesting him to stay away from Ruhi's poppy if he wants Ruhi to talk and play with him. 

Shefali Makes Aarohi Intentions Clear to Birlas 

In the upcoming story Shefali will tell Brilas the reason why Abhir left Birla mansion and didn't want to stay. 

This instigation by Aarohi will put Manjari on an alert more thinking consequences once Abhir will arrive at the Birla mansion for staying with them.

Will this make Manjari rethink her decision? 

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