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YHC: NEW LOOK ! First Look of Nayan and Samrat Post 20 Years Gets Viral

YHC: NEW LOOK ! First Look of Nayan and Samrat Post 20 Years Gets Viral 

YHC: 20 Years of Leap Introduced With Pravisht Mishra and Shagun Sharma Taking On-boards 

In the recent storyline of Yeh Hai chahti we have seen Nayan misunderstanding Samrat because of Malini's phone recording. 

In the voice recording Samrat is fine saying he can't give anyone his hard earned money and does Maldives for property and people murdered Govind and Malti. 

Because of the misunderstanding through recording of Samrat she will leave to the bus stand where she'll find that she is pregnant.

Nayan will find satish at first tempo who has a daughter named Mahima to fulfil Satish last wish she will raise Mahima after Sathish death.

Satish is been showing having brain tumour and he will die. 

Now on the other side Ishani and Mohit will also live separately from Samrat and Samrat will think Nayan had died in bus accident however Nayan and will continue her life journey as Satish's wife and Mahima's mother.

On the other side Samrat will raise his friend's son pradyuman.

We have finally got our new leads Pradyuman and Mahima.

The story of Nayan and Samrat will be continued to be shown post leave after a while they will quit the show once they get patched up by pradyuman and Mahima.

First Look Of Nayan And Samrat Makes Internet Shake With Happiness 

The new look of Nayan and Samart post the leap of 20 years could be found to be in their late 40s.

Let's see how Nayan's misunderstandings would be evicted and how Pradyuman and Mahima meet. 

Are you excited for the upcoming storyline, tell us in the comments. 

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