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GHKKPM: Bhavani Mahila Morcha Tactics Irks Sai Patience On Countdown!

GHKKPM: Savi Custody Becomes Matter of Respect for Bhavani 

Bhavani is extremely hurt from Sai decision of marrying Satya in the Star Plus famous serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein. 

Sai's desicion has lead to Virat devdas mode in the latest plotline of the serial. 

We have been through the current drama to witness that Sai is peculiar about taking Sai with her to Lavanya house post marriage infuriating Bhavani further. 

Savi custody has become matter of ego for Bhavani, who is about to lead a Morcha to take Savi back from Sai, and not just that she is intentially about to put Sai is a humilating situation. 

Let's see what happen when Virat will learn about the morcha from his father Ninad. 

Sai and Virat Eyes Meet in Adhikari House Feeling Fireworks Happened 

In the upcoming episode with Bhavani entry in Lavanya/Adhikari house, Sai and Virat second confrontation is about to happen. 

Virat will save Sai from character assassination and pricking comments of Bhavani. 

However Virat will further feel betrayed with seeing Sai as Satya's wife though he will still save Sai at its best. 

Will Sai feel sorry seeing Virat's condition. 

Do you find Sai at mistake in leaving Virat? 

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