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YRKKH: Mahima Compares Parth and Abhi! Aarohi yells OBJECTION

YRKKH: Parth Transfer Blames on Abhi being worse than him and Mahima Supports 


In Star Plus Hindi TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain drama has taken a permanent abode. 

In the latest episode we can see Parth was caught red-handed by Abhimanyu beating Shefali and Abhi holds his collar asking how dare he raise hands on Shefali. 

Shefali calls it a mistake to keep this a secret from family as Parth gave her threat of involving Shivu in it. 

As soon as the Birlas gathered their things went pretty ugly. 

Parth to cover up his nasty act of domestic voilence blames Abhimanyu for things worse than this. 

Aarohi to show she trusts Abhimanyu agrees for the marriage 

Mahima is giving full-fledged support to Parth narrative that Abhimanyu also left wounds on Akshsra but Shefali has wound on her body and Akshara is left with wounds. 

Aarohi shuts Mahima and Parth being ruthless for justifying their action by making Abhi guilty. 

Aarohi on a reaction to this drama cliams to be ready for the marriage considering it to Abhimanyu's last chance to change. 

Stay tuned for more such Gossips from sets of Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai. 

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