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GHKKPM: MUH KALA!! Bhavani Kaku Painted in Black InK By Mahila Morcha Womens

GHKKPM: Bhavani Kaku schooled Pakhi for making Savi cry 

Pakhi in serial has taken Bhavani Chawans name for the first time forgetting evil alliance of their in the latest episode. 

A big blunder in committed by pakhi in the recent episide where she breaks accidently Savi's family name plate and even fills her mind with the crap that she dosen't belong to the Chawan Family and she is mere a guest there. 

Savi cries and Pakhi escaped from there, soon after which Bhavani on approaching her granddaughter learns how after Vinu Pakhi is now hampering Savi's innocent mind. 

Pakhi gets scoleded by bhavani and as soon as she leaves, Pakhi plans an instant revenge on the spot. 

Pakhi calls Mahila Morcha women to show Bhavani consequences of going against her 

When Bhavani Kaku angrily declared her decision of life long permitted stay of Sai and Savi in Chawan Niwas, Pakhi gets agitated. 

Bhavani Kaku gets cornered by NGO women over her decision of letting Virat's first wife stay with him under one roof in presence of his second wife. 

In the upcoming episode you will see how the ladies blackened Kaku's face for her deeds. 

The fact that this was all planned by Pakhi is about to get reveled as well. 

This new rivalry is about to get high on drama flames so keep watching Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein. 

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