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GHKKPM: Vinu's Speakers Has Bomb but the diffuser is Dripped in Booze!

GHKKPM: Virat is high on Thandai 

The much-awaited HOLI fun sequence is making Sairat fans clap their hands in happiness in serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyar Mein(GHKKPM) asVirat( Neil Bhatt) is high on Thandai and has forgotten his marital status with Pakhi. 

Virat is spitting what is in his heart post getting in the dizziness zone of Bhang mixed in Thandai. 

Chawans mouth has opened wide in awe when Virat coloured Sai's head in red and took her inside Chawan Niwas to make Lemonade for him in a sequence similar to a bride entering a house. 

Vinu and Savi close to outhouse the tik-tik-tik of Bomb is unheard by Chawans 

Neither Sai nor Virat has any idea about Vinu moving around with a time bomb in his hands. 

Pakhi and the rest of the Chawans are busy gossiping about Sai-Virat as well. 

What if any mishap takes place this time? 

Will Sai be able to hold herself from blaming Virat if anything traumatised happens? 

We guess not, as either Sai or Virat or both of them are about to bear shame of Pakhi and all Chawans post, as Virat manages to handle himself after the dizziness. 

Let's see what is in the destiny of the trio Virat-Sai and Pakhi in the serial Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein. 

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