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Imlie: Imlie and Arto land in trouble due to Chini's revenge drama

Imlie: Imlie and Arto land in trouble due to Chini's revenge drama


Star Plus show Imlie garnered attention for quite a long time with it's interesting plot and twists.

In current track Chini falls in love with Arto after he rejects her on her wedding day.

She gets determined to win him and Anu asks her not to be mad like Malini was for Aditya.

Chini says this time her plan will be different and she will fool everyone by her kindness.

However Imlie is not fully convinced whether Chini changed or not. Arto there shows concern to Imlie and Chini fumes seeing that.

Imlie tells Arto not to show care that much as they won't be together forever.

Chini grows vengeful

However Chini tells Rana's about a Valentine's Day event organised by her friend.

She suggests that Arto and Imlie will get close to each other if they attend the event.

Chini further devises a shocking plan to separate Imlie and Arto and Imlie lands in trouble.

Her plan backfires when Arto gets restless for Imlie and risks his own life to save her.

Will Imlie learn what Chini did?

The drama is going to intensify in upcoming episodes. We don't want you to miss it!

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