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Katha Ankahee: Ehsan jealous to witness Viaan Aarav organic bonding

Katha Ankahee: Viaan Aarav organic bonding


Sony Entertainment Television’s latest fiction offering Kathaa Ankahee, is being loved by the masses.

It was earlier seen that Katha is facing the biggest shock of her life as Aarav is not be seen anywhere around.

She will start panicking and will not know how to find her son.

Viaan will be seen offering help to Katha and joins her in her quest to get Aarav back.

Fortunately Aarav will be safe with his grandfather and this will leave Katha relaxed.

Later Katha will inform Aarav that she was not alone for a change and Viaan stood by her in her quest to search for him.

Aarav will be very happy and gives a thank you card to Viaan.

Ehsan will notice the lovely bond between Viaan and Aarav and gets jealous of it.

Viaan Aarav new friendship

Will Viaan be able to bridge the gap between him and Katha?

Will Aarav be able to help Katha and Viaan unite?

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