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Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh clears Anjali's misunderstanding about Karan's death

Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh clears Anjali's misunderstanding about Karan's death

ZeeTV popular show Kundali Bhagya is entertaining the audience for many years and audience love to watch the show for its engaging storyline.

In current track Terrorists ask for proof from the captain that their fellow terrorists are safe.

If they don't get it then they will start killing the passengers. The flight starts moving and Preeta falls on Arjun.

Terrorists separate them and Rakhi doesn't them to know Preeta is Rishab's wife else Luthras will be their easy target.

Later the snakes come to scare everyone in the flight. Ashok says he was warning them before.

Anjali tells Rishabh about Arjun's truth

Meanwhile Rishabh tries to contact the commissioner and Anjali comes to seek help from him as she is worried for Arjun.

Rishabh denies to help her and she gets furious at him. She asks how can he not do anything to save his brother?

Rishabh finally learns that Arjun is Karan. Anjali says he and Preeta killed him but he didn't die. Rishabh clears her misunderstanding.

Later Rishabh and Anjali will make a plan to help the police catch the terrorists. Anjali will regret for trapping Rishabh earlier.

What will happen at last?

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