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Written By: LGW Desk on October 29, 2022

Imlie: Atharv and Chini's affair to get exposed Chini to cross all limits out of gluttony

Imlie: Chini to cross all limits out of gluttony, Atharv and Chini caught intimated

Star Plus popular show Imlie is gearing up for a high voltage drama.

As Per the current episode We shall be witnessing some shocking twists and turns in the show, which will keep the viewers glued to television screen.

Recently, Chini has planned to replace Imlie on her wedding but much to her shock, Rudra abducts Chini and offers her a handsome amount of money so that.

She leaves Atharv alone, Atharv believes in his true love but he is unaware of the fact that Chini is just fooling him to get her desires fulfilled.

She has her eyes on Atharv's property and she even accepts the money from Rudra to safeguard herself when the latter says he will disown Arto from his property.

On the other hand, Imlie saves Atharv from some armed men of MP. Anu manipulates the whole matter and forces Atharv to believe that Imlie only bribed those men to impress him.

Atharv is in state of denial but later he gets convinced and shows his trust in Chini. Chini gets Atharv married to Imlie and pretends to be sad.

Atharv and Chini secret affairs

She shows Imlie in bad light and Atharv believes her. 

Now it will be exciting to watch how Imlie will learn about Atharv and Chini's affair as they both are going to keep her in dark.

In recent promo, Imlie will leave Atharv after his truth will be disclosed. Atharv and Chini will face the wrath of Rudra for their unacceptable act. 

How will Imlie deal with this challenge? Will she decide to live her life as an independent woman? Will she leave Atharv forever?

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