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Written By: LGW Desk on September 20, 2022

Imlie: Speed of Air becomes a love hint for Imlie and Atharva

Imlie: Speed of Air becomes a love hint for Imlie and Atharva 

On one hand where Imlie was celebrating her birthday today the other hand Cheeni was wanting to sneak out for a concert.

Unfortunately while sneaking she was caught and in the explanation she said she was going to Hanuman Mandir.

She was told to take Imlie together with her as it her birthday, and she feels good staying with Cheeni.

Cheeni couldn't refuse the elder, so she took Imlie with her to concert she was leaving for.

Cheeni's hairstyle destroyed

While sitting in the car Imlie opens the car window, and it's obvious for the air to destroy a hairstyle.

Cheeni asked Imlie to shut the window but instead Imlie started to tell Cheeni how she can be friends with Air.

On other hand Atharva mistimed his concert because of his bond with the air.

He says the air in the morning wanted him to play the music he is feeling, so he went on it.

Let's see if this similarity about air would bring in the love birds together.

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