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Woh Toh Hai Albela: Kanha sparks outrageous laughter for Sayuri


Woh Toh Hai Albela latest news: Kanha and Sayuri’s true chemistry


The upcoming twist of Star Bharat’s show Who Toh Hai Albela will show some genuine romantic moment between Kanha and Sayuri as the two of them will get emotional as well as laugh together.

As Sayuri manages to get the job in the college she feels that Kanha is the only one who is responsible for her success and she thanks him with all her heart.

Sayuri hugs Kanha thankfully but this hug turns into a special moment for them.

Later, Kanha falls terribly sick having a stomach infection and Sayuri worries for Kanha.

Sayuri takes care of Kanha but Kanha ends up making a joke and Sayuri laughs uncontrollably.

Romantic moment strikes between Kanha and Sayuri

Sayuri laughs so loudly that Kanha covers her mouth with her hand and this unexpectedly brings them physically closer to each other making the moment special and romantic.

Will Kanha and Sayuri realize their true love and confess their feelings?

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