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Published By: LGW Desk on June 23, 2022 04:16 PM (IST) | Publication:

Udaariyaan: Jasmine’s partner in crime, plan to get Tejo out for good


Udaariyaan latest news: Jasmine fed up of seeing Fateh’s support for Tejo


The upcoming twist of Colors Tv show Udaariyaan will show that Jasmine will get another pillar of support in her mission to send Tejo out of Fateh’s life for good.

Jasmine is trying every possible trick to convince Fateh and rest of the family members that Tejo is not mentally fit to be with Fateh as she gets hysterical and dangerous.

Jasmine instigates Tejo in Fateh’s football match and Fateh is left embarrassed by her behaviour but he still does not leave Tejo’s side.

Jasmine gets help

Jasmine will be fed up seeing Fateh’s unending love and support for Tejo but she will get another ray of hope.

Taiji will now be Jasmine’s partner in crime as she will promise Jasmine that she will get Tejo out of Fateh’s life.

Taiji will lend her support to Jasmine to help her in her evil mission to ensure that Tejo is sent to mental asylum.

Will Fateh be able to save his Tejo from their evil tricks? Stay tuned to for more updates and news on Udaariyaan.  

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