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Pandya Store: Raavi receives the proof of Shiva's Death Breaks Down

Pandya Store: Raavi receives the proof of Shiva's Death Breaks Down


Star Plus's popular show Pandya Store is all set to engage it's audience with it's high voltage drama. 

In the Past Episodes We have seen that The Pandyas gets to know that the Bus that Shiva is supposed to reach got into an Accident the Pandyas gets shattered hearing the News. 

The Story takes an Interesting turn when Raavi blames Dhara for hiding about the News from her and breaks down. 

As Krish and Gautam comes back empty handed, everyone breaks down but Raavi denies to believe that Shiva is Dead. 

Shiva is Alive

Fortunately Shiva who is injured gets saved by the Village People who were passing by the Lake. 

Raavi further asks them to take out the Ashes as they are not of Shiva's and her Shiva is Alive. 

However Prafulla who is witnessing the whole of the Drama, asks to take Raavi out which shocks everyone. 

As Prafulla drags Raavi out to take her with her, Dhara stops her and throws Prafulla out of the house taking stand for Raavi. 

Later the Police gives Raavi the Cheque of Ten Lakhs as Shiva is Dead and tells her that they have proofs of his Death. 

Raavi breaks down hearing him and denies to believe that Shiva is Dead for real. 

What will happen next? 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming track. 

Stay Tuned to for the latest and exciting updates of your favorite Shows. 

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