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Published By: LGW Desk on April 26, 2022 11:58 AM (IST) | Publication:

Pandya Store: Shiva vs Rishita's battle gets worse Pandya's in pain


Pandya Store: Shiva (Kunwar Dhillon) vs Rishita's (Simran Budharup) battle takes over Pandya's happiness 


Star Plus popular daily soap Pandya Store is gearing up for high end drama and twist.

Shiva and Raavi's life is changing, even Pandya's are in grave trouble.

Pandya's are losing their market presence and here they don't want it to happen.

Rishita is over confident over the fact that she is a business women now and has a store.

Here Shiva and Rishita had taken part in business competition and are all set to defeat each other.

Shiva and Rishita's fierce battle

It's going to fierce face off amid them and Shiva will put all his efforts to win it this time.

It's important for Shiva to make it big and put things to work and how will everything change after this.

What more drama and twist is awaited ahead, here major turn around will it cook.

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