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Written By: LGW Desk on September 06, 2021

Imlie: Malini turns radha for Aditya Imlie left as Gopi

Imlie: Malini (Mayuri Deshmukh) wins to be Aditya's (Gashmeer Mahajani) radha, Imlie face defeat 

Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie is gearing up for interesting twist and drama.

Aditya turns krishna for this janmastami and everything is going well for him and Imlie.

Aditya and Imlie has prepared krishna and radha dance for the janmastami celebration.

Aditya and Imlie are excited while here Malini is planning something and here she also dons avatar of radha.

Imlie and Aditya's big chaos

Imlie is shocked seeing this and refuses to take defeat this time as it's the symbol of love.

While here Aparna, Radha and Malini turns to chaos for Imlie and she gets late for dance performance.

Aditya and Malini will thus end up on stage as krishna and radha on janmastami and Imlie turns mere Gopi.

What more drama and twist is awaited ahead and how will situation change ahead is to watch for.

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