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Written By: LGW Desk on May 23, 2021

Pandya Store: Dhara's next move to unite family teach lesson to Rishita

Pandya Store: Dhara's (Shiny Doshi) next move to unite family and Rishita (Simran Budharup) 

Star Plus popular daily soap Pandya Store is gearing up for interesting twist and drama.

Dhara has divided family to teach lesson to them and Pandya brothers has understood it.

While Rishita is in no way wants to reunite with family although Dhara agrees to it.

Rishita don't want to forgive Shiva and Krish for what they did and she never accepted family as own.

Dev tries his best but all in vain, here Dhara will make a master plan to make Rishita realise importance of family.

Dhara and Rishita's new challenge

Dhara asks Dev to not worry as she will handle it and make situation work in right way and even Rishita will agree.

What more drama and chaos is awaited ahead and how will situation change.

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