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Written By: LGW Desk on May 06, 2021

Barrister Babu: Deadly conspiracy against Bondita Anirudh clueless

Barrister Babu: Anirudh (Pravisht Mishra) suspicious, deadly conspiracy against Bondita (Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni) 

Colors popular daily soap Barrister Babu is gearing up for interesting twist and drama.

Anirudh and Bondita had fought against the world and are trying to move on.

While here villagers are after Bondita's life to kill her and here Sampoorna also helps Mamji to end Bondita's chapter.

Sampoorna is ready to put things to end Bondita's life as she wants to be the owner of the haveli.

Bondita's life in danger

Sampoorna knows that once Bondita will return she will take it over and she don't want that to happen.

Sampoorna is thus ready to out things in such a way that Bondita may not escape this time.

Anirudh is unaware of the conspiracy going on in the haveli and will he be able to save Bondita from this mess.

What more drama and chaos is awaited in Anirudh and Bondita's life, stay tuned for more exciting updates only on entertainment news website

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