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Namak Ishq Ka: Chamcham's dancing passion turns curse for life

Namak Ishq Ka: Chamcham's (Shruti Sharma) dancing passion brings curse of no true love 

Colors is coming up with an all new show Namak Ishq Ka which is soon going to go air.

Namak Ishq Ka is one of the path breaking show which brings out the life of a bar dancer and struggles she face.

Star cast of the show includes Shruti Sharma as Chamcham the main female lead, Aditya Ojha will play male lead.

Chamcham is a bar dancer and she loves what she does, Chamcham enjoys it and is happy to be where she is.

While Chamcham gets a reality check when few men teases her and she is ok with it.

Chamcham gets cursed

Chamcham gets hurt when a man says that Chamcham is just an entertainment and she can never be queen of someone's heart and family.

Chamcham can never be accepted as daughter-in-law of any house and she can only be part of the entertainment.

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