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Written By: LGW Desk on November 09, 2020

Bigg Boss 14: Sapna Sappu to mark wild card entry in BB house

Bigg Boss 14: Sapna Sappu to mark wild card entry this week, new drama to unfold 

Colors most controversial reality show Bigg Boss is already gearing up drama quotient in the house this year.

Bigg Boss 14 seems to be adding few more layers of drama and chaos, Kavita Kaushik will mark her re-entry.

Kavita Kaushik had marked entry as wild card contestant and later was eliminated from the house due to lesser votes.

While makers has got Kavita Kaushik back and she will return the show this weekend.

Yet another wild card entry is planned in the show and this wild card entry is of Sapna Sappu.

Sapna Sappu's wild card entry

Sapna Sappu is well known as Sapna Bhabhi on television and is known for her roles in shows.

Sapna Sappu is much into news all this while as she is a single mother and taking care of her son and also fighting the legal battle with her husband.

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