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Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Kavya challenges Anupama to snatch away Vanraj

Anupamaa Upcoming Twist: Kavya (Madalsa Sharma) challenges Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) to snatch her husband Vanraj 

Star Plus popular daily soap Anupamaa is moving towards bigger and open drama.

Anupama and Vanraj are married again and Kavya is left alone and now Kavya attains bold avatar.

Kavya now decides to make Anupama's life a hell and not let her stay happy and rather snatch what belongs to her.

Kavya wants Vanraj by hook or by crook and is ready to walk any step for that.

Kavya will this time cross all boundaries and marks entry in Anupama and Vanraj's bedroom.

Kavya and Anupama's dhamaka of war

Not only this here Kavya will take a bold step where she challenges Anupama that now she will snatch what all belongs to her.

Anupama and Kavya will be at war and things are going to get ruined, what more twist and drama is awaited ahead.

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