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Bigg Boss 2020: YouTube sensation CarryMinati undergoes quarantine to enter Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 2020: YouTube sensation CarryMinati to enter Bigg Boss house 

Colors is coming back with its most controversial reality show Bigg Boss 2020.

This season of Bigg Boss was a difficult one as amid pandemic getting contestants and locking them in is a task.

While many names are coming out regarding the same, the most fascinating among them is of YouTuber CarryMinati.

YouTube sensation CarryMinati is know for his roast video's and the recent controversy with Amir Siddiqui.

As per the recent reports YouTube sensation CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar is quarantined at a hotel in Mumbai.

CarryMinati to enter Bigg Boss house

This confirms that the YouTube star is going to be part of Bigg Boss house and he will give the shock to audiences.

While some other reports suggests that he didn't quarantined and is at his home.

Let's wait and watch to find, will Ajey Nagar be part of Bigg Boss this season.

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