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Written By: LGW Desk

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Amber Guneet's dance romance on engagement

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Amber (Varun Badola) and Guneet's (Shewta Tiwari) dance romance, engagement fun 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is taking fun twist and is loved by audiences.

Amber and Guneet's mid aged romance is loved by audiences as it is something different.

While here Nia manages to unite Amber and Guneet by getting Pammi's permission and everything is going well.

Guneet and Amber's engagement is planned, here Guneet shows tashan and exchanges rings.

Guneet and Amber will have romantic dance twist and photo session which gets Amber awkward.

Amber and Guneet's love happiness

Amber is awkward while is ready to do it for Guneet's happiness, what more twist and drama is awaited ahead.

What is awaited ahead, will this age difference cause new chaos in Amber and Guneet's love.

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