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Kartik Purnima: Kartik's groom swap with Vicky marrying Purnima

Kartik Purnima: Kartik's (Harsh Nagar) groom swap with Vicky marrying Purnima (Poulomi Das) 

Star Bharat popular daily soap Kartik Purnima is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Kartik loves Purnima but his mother is against Purnima, here Purnima and Vicky's wedding is fixed.

Kartik learns a shocking fact that Vicky is not the right person, here he can't let Purnima's life be spoiled.

Kartik thus tries his best to stop Vicky and Purnima's alliance but fails and now he has only one option.

Kartik and Purnima's wedding syappa

Kartik marks entry amid wedding day and here he plans groom swap with Vicky to marry Purnima.

Kartik is ready to go against family and marry Purnima to save her life and what will he it's consequences is to wait and watch for.

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