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Beyhadh 2: Rudra brings Maya back to Roy mansion Vikram's game over

Beyhadh 2: Rudra (Abrar Qazi) brings Maya (Jennifer Winget) back to Roy mansion, Vikram's game over 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Beyhadh 2 is gearing up for high voltage drama and twist.

Maya is badly stuck in Vikram's trap and tries to seek help and here Rudra gets Maya's request.

Rudra is suspicious that someone is in trouble and ends up at Vikram's house.

Rudra has that instinct that it is Maya and things are slipping off his hand.

Rudra will thus end up saving Maya and gets Vikram arrested while here Rudra is shocked to know that Maya has forgotten her memory.

Rudra and Maya's union

Rudra thus brings Maya back to Roy mansion, MJ is shocked to hell.

MJ is shocked and doesn't know what to do, here Rudra says that he will punish Maya but once she recovers her memory.

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