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Kitani Mohabbat Hai: Arjun's chivilary takes Arohi by awe

Kitani Mohabbat Hai: Arjun's (Karan Kundra) chivilary takes Arohi (Kritika Kamra) by awe 

Dangal tv show Kitani Mohabbat Hai is gearing up for interesting twist in the story.

Arjun helps Arohi although Arohi shows much tantrums to Arjun but he doesn't stop.

Arjun picks Arohi in his arms and here he treats her and thus takes care of her.

Arohi is amazed to see Arjun's new avatar and recalls how he used to be and now how he is completely changed.

Arohi is awestruck seeing his chivilary, the rude, arrogant Arjun Punj is transformed which amaze her.

Arohi and Arjun's new dhamaka

Arohi's this meltdown is bringing Arjun closer to her and both are taking that step of love.

Will Arjun and Arohi be united after all this and what more drama and dhamaka is awaited up next.

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