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Written By: LGW Desk on July 23, 2016

Baazigar: Arundhati's master plan uses Aarav's trick over him

Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar: Arundhati's (Ishita Dutta) master stroke over Aarav's (Vatsal Seth) evil trick 

The upcoming episode of Life OK's show Rishton Ka Saudagar Baazigar is going to show hate relationship amid Aarav-Arundhati.

Aarav has married Arundhati with an intention to defame her as a bad wife and throw her out of Trivedi mansion.

Arundhati knows that Aarav is going to fall down to any limit to execute his evil plan, and thus stay alert.

Aarav tries to spike Arundhati's milk and she finds it as she knows how Aarav is, Arundhati exchanges the glasses.

Aarav-Arundhati's battle 

Aarav and Arundhati drinks it, Arundhati pretends to faint and Aarav takes her washroom tries to drown er to threaten her.

While Arundhati was just pretending to be faint as actually Aarav has drunk spiked milk, next morning Aarav finds himself at Arundhati's place in washroom.

Aarav is irked knowing that Arundhati befooled him, Arundhati comes and challenges Aarav to ruin him.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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