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Naagin 4: Shalaka Brinda's ugly face off Shalaka's shocking identity revealed

Naagin 4: Shalaka (Rashami Desai) and Brinda's (Nia Sharma) ugly face off, Shalaka's shocking identity revealed 

Colors supernatural drama Naagin 4 is up for big bang dhamaka in the story.

Dev and Shalaka are married and here Brinda marks her return in Dev's life.

Brinda marks her return for revenge while here Dev's love seems to melt Brinda again.

Brinda shows her power and throws Shalaka out of Dev's room, here Shalaka is bearing all this.

Shalaka is taking all this to some extent and here she shows her real avatar to Brinda and shocks her to hell.

Shalaka and Brinda's face off

Shalaka is also an icchadari naagin and here she attacks Brinda and warns her to stay out of her way to reach naagmani.

While Brinda will not let this happen so easily as she loves Dev and also wants that naagmani.

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